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This website has been created to show how human microbiota affects health and how making changes to our diet can change our microbioma and so improve our health.

It follows over two years of research into microbiota, during which a family followed the GAPS diet, developed by Doctor Natasha Campbell, and observed the changes experienced in physical, mental and emotional health, taking into account any other changes which may be relevant, for example overall wellbeing and energy levels.

Our objective is to bring together different sources of information and research in order to increase understanding of how microbiota interacts in our body, the beneficial effects they produce and what harmful effects can be caused by poor microbiota health.

We try to use plain English to ensure the information reaches as many people as possible in an understandable way.

Please bear with us as we build and translate the site. The original study was done in Spanish (though most of the articles upon which it is based are in English as you will see from the bibliography), so we are gradually building the site in Spanish and translating it into English.

There is very little known about microbiota. The study of microbiota and its relationship with disease, outside the digestive system, is in a very embryonic stage and highly debated by the scientfici community. In this section we present information extracted from over 150 scientific articles

The GAPS diet

The GAPS dient improves gut health and can help develop better brain connectivity. Here we tell our story of our change of lifestyle...

What's in our food?

Is it actually nutritious? Did you know that the boxes of several brands of cereals contain more nutrients than their contents? We explore the world of food and nutrition...

Download the study (currently only in Spanish)

The microbiota, how it acts in our body and changes experienced with the GAPS diet.

Keep informed as we update the website with new recipes, research into microbiota and more!