About us

GAPS Family is a not-for-profit community being created by a family who has been following the GAPS (Gastro And Psychology Syndrome) diet by Natasha Campbell since October 2017.

Overwhelmed at times by the lack of help with the daily challenges the diet entails, we felt compelled to help others going through the same experience.

This is the dual mission that inspired the name.

This is the dual mission that inspired the name.

Our mission

  • To help families deal with the daily challenges of buying ingredients and preparing meals, family dynamics and all the other issues faced by families.
  • To BE like an extendedfamily which offers the emotional, as well as practical, support needed to follow the diet.

We do not pretend to have all the answers. But we are committed to transferring the knowledge and experience we have accumulated and continue to build every day, to help others reap the benefits of the diet, as we have.

Since we are not professionals, we are not competing with these much needed nutritionists and dieticians, whose contribution we welcome in our forums.

We also hope that others will share their experiences and help answer questions from the community – or family, as we would like it to be known.

From diet to lifestyle

After many months of following the diet (the first few are tough!) we realised that it was no longer about following a diet but about changing our lifestyle and the choices we make daily about what we put into our bodies.

Every day we are more aware of the consequences of this – and the huge propaganda machine set up by the food processing giants (more on that in other areas of the site).

So even after we begin to introduce foods not permitted in the full diet, we realise that we will never go back to how we were eating before.

This, we believe, is the key to GAPS, and indeed to healthy living – for everyone! Making informed choices about food, avoiding processed foods, sugars and excessive salts, and wherever possible, preparing everything from scratch.

The future health of our species depends on this.

Decades of processed foods have taken their toll in the form of massive numbers of people affected by chronic illnesses (physical and mental) unknown in times and populations in which such foods were/are not consumed.

“Man is the only species clever enough to make his own food and the only one stupid enough to eat it”

Zoe Harcombe
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