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Species of human microbiota
Bacteria in the large intestine

What is human microbiota?

The human microbiota occupies the entire body (the intestine, eyes, skin, etc.) and consists of many varieties of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses (the vast majority of which are beneficial) and fungi...

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Do you really know what virus is? Do you want to know what symbiosis or parasitism is? Consult our glossary and learn about the terminology of
the human microbiota, updated regularly...

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Our study, carried out over more than two years, has found more than 350 scientific articles related to microbiota or associated topics. Here you have a bibliography classified by topics, most with a summary...

factores que influyen en la microbiota - una serie de dibujos representando los factores que afectan la microbiota

What affects our microbiota?

According to a study that challenges our beliefs about the evolution of microbiota, the environment and food are the main factors that influence microbiota...

mesura microbiota sin fondo

How are they classified?

It is called microbiota (μbiota) because microorganisms are found of the size of microns (μ), although many nanobacteria are now being discovered...

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